About the Blinds

About the Blinds

About the Blinds


There’s an Ameristep blind for every hunt, every season and every hunter.

We’ve been building blinds for over 20 years, and it shows. From traditional old favorites to cutting-edge new technology – our full lineup of products exhibits the evolution of concealment. The future is bright, but never seen.


Kick-Out Hub

Our most advanced ground blinds ever

Kick-out hubs expand from the upper and lower portions of a premium hub-style silhouette to create a unique, natural shape that breaks up hard lines. These kick-outs ground the blind with extra stability, while providing additional space for more hunters and more gear.


Spider Hub®

Superior stability; simplified setup

Superior metal-stamped hubs maximize strength to outlast extreme weather for many years of use. Spider Hub blinds also offer simplified, fast setup – with hubs that pop out of each panel so the blind is fully set up in mere minutes.


Spring Steel

They’re classics for a reason

Just like this design worked 20 years ago, spring steel blinds are still a favorite among hunters today. A series of steel poles snaps the frame into place for quick and easy setup. These models are a great introductory option with tremendous value.

Ameristep Tent Chair

Tent Chair®

Concealment with zero fuss

Absolutely no assembly required. These one-piece designs integrate a comfortable chair and all-encompassing coverage that unfolds into a complete concealment system. Tent Chairs also travel easily in a carrying case with shoulder strap.



Stay undetected in your pursuit

Turkeys like to keep hunters on their toes. These three-paneled blinds are engineered for ultimate mobility to provide multiple setups that are as effective as they are fast. This allows turkey hunters to maintain concealment, even when natural cover isn’t available.